Portfolio Collage

As part of our studio work we are to look through our previous body of work for insights into decisions and designs that have been repeated over time and apply them to our MFP project. So I have been doing some photoshop collages of portfolio work onto my site and here’s what I have so far…

DSC_00031 DSC_00032 DSC_00841 DSC_01821 DSC_02731


GD3 Slam Presentation

I am now well rested after the weekend and ready to post my GD3 Slam presentation. The event was very interesting and it was a great chance to see everyone else’s work, as well as a way to challenge myself to present everything in a concise and precise manner. So here you go, ActionReaction: Urbanized Natural Systems, Naturalize Urban Systems.


When self doubt squashes ideas…

Tomorrow is our Slam, where every M.Arch GDIII has to give a 3 minute presentation on their project. I’m still working on my presentation, slowly but truly. I thought this video does a very good job characterizing the process of getting out ideas, something I am struggling with at the moment. The talk is by Rilla Alexander for 99u.com. Click for a flyer to the event: GD3 project SLAM is FRIDAY