About Peter Paul and Shona

Peter Paul and Shona grew out of a final project the sophomore year of my Interior Design Degree. I designed an upscale boutique in Uptown called Peter Paul and Shona. These are the names of my brothers and I, and that year I had been asked several times why my name wasn’t Mary (like the band). Of course my Scottish mother had never heard of the band, so I was named Shona (She also prefers to say Shona, Peter, Paul). Since then I have always wanted to open that store. Less upscale boutique and more eclectic crafter’s haven, Peter Paul and Shona has been taking shape since last summer after my trip to Turkey and Europe. I knit, crochet, decoupage, and make cards. My mother sews and makes jewelry. Together we are creating a brand of quality hand made gifts. Our Etsy shop will open this summer (ergo the lack of products at the mo). Until then please enjoy sneak peaks at our work and my general musings and polyvore.com addiction.


Shona Mosites

Co-Owner Peter Paul and Shona

PS. I am currently half way through my master’s degree in Architecture, so don’t be surprised by any model pics 😉


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