MArch MFP Final Project

26'-0" of glorious blood sweat and a lot of tears

26′-0″ of glorious blood sweat and a lot of tears

Hi everyone. So with my haste to run off to Navy OCS last year I never had a chance to post my final project for my MArch. Above I have included an image of my 26′-0″ visual presentation. I have also included a link to my book. Below is an excerpt: “The intention of the project is to address the interaction between humans and urban birds, by responding to the ways in which they each inhabit space. By reframing this interaction, the project highlights the opportunities where bird and human habitats intersect. Proposed is an architecture that turns traditionally, hard barriers into a gradient of thresholds. It does this by positioning an avian research and art facility within the Archer Daniels Midland, Delmar Number One Silo (ADMD 1). This site allows for the thresholds that define the physical relationships between birds and humans, to range from none, to screens, to inhabitable facades between open and enclosed areas. The forms and materials are derived from nest building practices and abstracted with the sites industrial vernacular, to create a new and unique vocabulary for this bird-human relationship. I hope you all enjoy the project as much as I do. I think looking after our world really means being aware that it’s always all around us. So look out your high-rise window and find some birds! Mosites_Bird and Human Habitat in Silos


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